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Brainline Learning World offers learners of all ages the invaluable opportunity to study from anywhere in the world through quality distance education for Grade R to 12 and Matric for Adults.  We offer a range of affordable academic products and services to parents, learners and tutors to suit their unique circumstances and academic needs, ultimately leading to the achievement of a National Senior Certificate.  Brainline is proudly registered with the Independent Examinations Board (IEB), known for their high educational standards and outstanding commitment to quality assessment. This enables Brainline learners to be assured of quality assessment in accordance with IEB policy. You can, therefore, trust Brainline to assist you on your journey toward your fully accredited National Senior Certificate.  To find out more about how Brainline can assist you to achieve your academic goals through distance education, simply call one of our friendly Customer Care Consultants at (012) 543 5000, or send an e-mail to We'd love to hear from you!

Eternal Learning







At Eternal Learning it is our focus to provide students from Grade 1-12 with relevant and top quality computer classes to stay up to date with technology.  These are provided in various forms such as reading programs, Microsoft Office skills development, mouse skills for lower grades, Web Design, Image Editing and CAT.  Our teachers have been teaching for several years and have a unique ability to connect with the students.




Tshwane Home Educators Academy









OUR UNIQUE APPROACH TO HOME EDUCATION using the A.C.E. programme the materials are easily implemented in a homeschool environment, with emphasis being placed on the learner learning rather than the teacher teaching. From preschool to grade 12, each learner discovers how to set goals and meet deadlines thereby allowing him/her to experience a sense of accomplishment daily. Our programme is designed to help learners develop critical thinking skills and to think creatively and independently. Through daily personal attention, and the use of the A.C.E. Home Education programme, your child will develop in character, academic competency and self-discipline. Host Academies provide a support service and are available by email and phone to assist you. 



Exhibitors for our Expo on 14 January 2017

  • Ek Lees Net

  • Xperiland

  • Clonard Education

  • Young Enigeers

  • Grace Media

  • BK Publishing

  • Nukleus Onderwys

  • SAHS Education

  • Brainline Learning World

  • Tshwane Home Educators Academy

  • Laser Focus Mind Academy

  • SA Toy Trade Pretoria North East

  • Eternal Learning

  • Doelgerig Akademie

  • RBBM Personalised Gifts

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