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Tshwane Home Schoolers Expo is proud to announce that Knowledge Thirst Media & Open Minds Campus will be venturing with us and exhibiting at our Expo.


Who is Knowledge Thirst Media? Let me tell you.

Knowledge Thirst Media aims at making reading and learning both fun and exciting. With so much information being available at a click of a button, books have to be exciting and entertaining at the same time. We source books from all over the world bringing nothing but high-quality learning material to Southern Africa. These help students with skills building, create enthusiasm for learning, independence and awareness of their potential to be able to reach the heights they seek. We need to captivate the interest of our youth in order to connect with them.

 We distribute Cambridge Maths and Science that use the Singapore approach to studying. Singapore Maths and Science students are known to be world leaders in comparative tests. The Singapore Maths approach focuses on mastery rather than just learning for a test. The approach is layered for appropriate scope and sequences. It also builds thinking and problem solving skills, while also benefiting visual and auditory learners.

The Singapore Science books are based on inquiry based learning, and to build reasoning and analytical skills. They nurture the child’s natural curiosity with real world applications. They focus on creative problem solving, critical and inventive thinking rather than just learning facts, while developing scientific literacy.

We also distribute English textbooks from Singapore as well as Classical Comics. The English books focus on building comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and creative writing skills. The Classical Comics series bring the likes of Shakespeare, Dickens and Brontë to life with engaging graphics and pictures. The results are immediate and engaging, while the pictures illustrate the words to perfection.


Who is Open Minds Campus? Let me tell you.

Open Minds Campus is a learner driven environment, where learners are given the freedom of choice in how they study and do research. The teachers act as mentors and facilitate the students to achieve their goals. Research has shown that children learn more effectively when they set their own goals and/or have a genuine interest in something, as opposed to learning when being forced to do so. Tests and assessments are not part of the programme, rather emphasis is placed on the mastery of skills. Learners are guided to close any gaps in Maths and Language that they may have from earlier in their school career, while also focusing on the rigour of building Mathematical and Language skills.  


Want to speak with Knowledge Thirst Media & Open Minds Campus?

Call them on: 011 702 3332

Head to their KTM's website: CLICK HERE

Visit their Facebook Page: CLICK HERE

Head to their Open Minds Campus's website: CLICK HERE

Visit their Facebook Page: CLICK HERE

Come visit their stall at the Tshwane Homeschoolers Expo - CLICK HERE


Hope to see you there!



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