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Tshwane Home Schoolers Expo is proud to announce that Tuta-Me will be venturing with us and exhibiting at our Expo.


Who is Tuta-Me? Let me tell you.

Tuta-Me is a mobile application that connects tutors and students and assists them in facilitating tutoring sessions. Tuta-Me aims to provide fun and affordable education for everyone across South Africa.


What does Tuta-Me offer?

The main aim of the application is to enable tutors to become their own micro-entrepreneurs and to make education affordable and accessible to all. Tutors set their own rates, availability and the areas that they are able to tutor in. Students are then able to find a tutor based on their needs in terms of subject, area and time. A student can then rate a tutor which ensure that quality is maintained.


Tuta-Me also has other projects named Tuta-Me Engage, Tuta-Me Uplift and Quiz-Me.


Tuta-Me Engage:

Tuta-Me Engage provides FREE Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy Revision Sessions for Grade 11 and Matrics on Saturdays. Tuta-Me Engage will start the first Saturday next term.



Quiz-Me on the other hand, inspires fun learning in diverse topics by setting up general knowledge questions each week for both tutors and students to answer. Anyone who takes part in Quiz-Me has an opportunity to win cool prizes like airtime, study material etc.


Tuta-Me Uplift:

Tuta-Me Uplift is a program aimed at bridging the gap concerning quality education in South Africa as well as to impact youth employment by providing free tutoring to underprivileged children. We provide tutors that facilitate sessions intended to occur at least once a week for a specific subject in each grade.


Want to speak with Tuta-Me?

Call them on: 073 611 4237

Head to their website: CLICK HERE

Visit their Facebook Page: CLICK HERE

Come visit their stall at the Tshwane Homeschoolers Expo - CLICK HERE


Hope to see you there!



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