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Tshwane Home Schoolers Expo is proud to announce that Top Dog Education will be venturing with us and exhibiting at our Expo.


Who is Top Dog Education? Let me tell you.

Top Dog Education is South Africa's leading online education provider for Grade 4 - 12. Our learning platform is proven to improve learner's marks and has been designed from the ground up to incorporate the following:

  • Personalised learning that caters to the individual learner
  • Adaptive learning that intelligently identifies areas of weakness
  • Self-paced learning so that each learner is able to progress at the pace that will most enhance understanding
  • A multisensory approach to appeal to all learning styles that incorporates video, animation, text and sound
  • Assessments and milestones that allow parents and learners to monitor progress
  • Affordability: our platform is priced to cater to a large portion of the South African audience


What does Top Dog Education offer?

Our approach has been to build a learning experience that acts as a personal coach and mentor. Not only do we empower through knowledge, we also cultivate a shared learning experience through our forum, Facebook group and online access to our tutors. No learner should feel isolated and we believe that sharing the learning experience with others will bring the best results.


Our content has been developed by experienced educators who have had years of actual classroom and home schooling experience and understand what learners need and the right approach to take when developing lessons. The platform incorporates machine learning developed by data scientists and is at the leading edge of education technology.


We believe every learner will benefit from Top Dog Education and are proud to offer access to the platform for only R60 per month per subject or R100 per month for an entire grade.


Want to speak with Top Dog Education?

Head to their website: CLICK HERE

Visit their Facebook Page: CLICK HERE

Come visit their stall at the Tshwane Homeschoolers Expo - CLICK HERE


Hope to see you there!



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