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Tshwane Home Schoolers Expo is proud to announce that Knowledge Thirst Media & Open Minds Campus will be venturing with us and exhibiting at our Expo.


Who is Knowledge Thirst Media? Let me tell you.

Knowledge Thirst Media introduces the Singapore approach to learning Mathematics and Science, according to Cambridge and Singapore curricula. The Singapore approach uses the CPA approach, which is the Concrete -> Visual -> Abstract approach. The system is pedagogically sound in scope and sequence, for reinforcement and mastery of skills. 21st Century skills are also developed.

A range of Classical Comics are also available. These are classics like Shakespeare, Brontë and Dickens in comic format, available in both original text and modern/simpler text versions.

The reading sets have workbooks, audio CD’s and interactive CD’s. Biology DVD’s are available from India.


Who is Open Minds Campus? Let me tell you.

A visionary alternative in education for children from 6 to 18 years old, Open Minds Campus offers a learning environment that is stimulating, nurturing and creative, and an academic approach that prepares children for the challenges of real life ahead.

What qualities will your child need to flourish as an adult in today’s world?
They will need to be articulate, creative, self-reliant, multi-skilled, imaginative and inquisitive. Every day and every activity at Open Minds Campus is designed to enhance and develop these qualities in your child.

Why is Open Minds Campus different?
Being smart is not just about your exam score. We also care about what happens to you after you finish university, just as much as we care about you getting into and thriving at


. Do you have the academic preparation, the passion, and the gumption to create a meaningful life for yourself? And can you do it ethically and collaboratively without tearing others down? At Open Minds Campus these are our values.

In essence, the Open Minds Campus program builds:

Resilience & Perseverance
Emotional Intelligence
Intellectual Development


Want to speak with Knowledge Thirst Media & Open Minds Campus?

Call them on: 011 702 3332

Head to their KTM's website: CLICK HERE

Visit their Facebook Page: CLICK HERE

Head to their Open Minds Campus's website: CLICK HERE

Visit their Facebook Page: CLICK HERE

Come visit their stall at the Tshwane Homeschoolers Expo - CLICK HERE


Hope to see you there!



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