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Tshwane Home Schoolers Expo is proud to announce that JW.ORG will be venturing with us and exhibiting at our Expo.


Who is JW.ORG? Let me tell you.

We come from hundreds of ethnic and language backgrounds, yet we are united by common goals. Above all, we want to honor Jehovah, the God of the Bible and the Creator of all things. We do our best to imitate Jesus Christ and are proud to be called Christians. Each of us regularly spends time helping people learn about the Bible and God’s Kingdom. Because we witness, or talk, about Jehovah God and his Kingdom, we are known as Jehovah’s Witnesses.


What does JW.ORG offer?

In a world  with so much troubles, problems and concerns where do we  find  answers.

Answers that help parents raise their Children , answers that help teenagers cope with peer pressure and growing pains, answers that give us Hope and keep us positive.

JW.org has a variety of subjects , videos ,cartoons, workshops, games, white board animation and a variety of Books , brochures and a research guide or Bible encyclopedia.

Visit www.jw.org  a place to find answers to life’s big questions answers found in the Bible.


Want to speak with JW.ORG?

Call them on: 011 761 1000

Head to their website: CLICK HERE

Come visit their stall at the Tshwane Homeschoolers Expo - CLICK HERE


Hope to see you there!



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